The MYVI Collection was conceived by Sandro Vicari Spa, historic international company of handcrafted shoes for women, settled in the renowned manufacturing district of excellence of Riviera del Brenta, near Venice.

In every MYVI are instilled the whole experience of Sandro Vicari company and its perfect knowledge of the footwear world.
At the origin of every MYVI lie an obsession for details and a deeply accurate manual manufacturing.
There is also a production chain completely managed at a local level, to keep control on every single crafting step: from leather cutting to folding and binding, from the buttresses junction to the bandage of insoles and heels.

OUR GENIUS LOCI - In any Myvi we can see the theme inspiring and recurrent in the city where it is born: Venezia. Each Myvi is Venice.

Behind the choice of the name and logo of the Myvi there is a thought inspired by the elegance and playfulness.

The design, the lightness, the colors and the sinuous waves are lighthearted allusions to the lagoon rippled by the wind and the dreamy world of Venice.

Playing on the theme of the double, each collection line quotes in its name, pairs of opposing or complementary words.